Thursday 5 October 2017

Changes log for v2.1.o (UnderDev) profile

The following changes were made for v2.1.o on GitHub (released 20-SEP-2017 - UnderDev build):

No bug fixes here, just a couple of helpers that I think will speed things up for people:

#229 20-SEP-2017: Add re-layout dependencies on diagram(s) menu to ease beautifying when req't tracing (F.J.Chadburn). This is in lieu of the General::Graphics::KeepEndPoints property not working quite as expected, an 8.2+ property (which if unchecked might have preventing need for menu).

#230 20-SEP-2017: Initial alpha trial for create test case script from a sequence diagram (F.J.Chadburn). Right-click a simulated sequence diagram to populate a test script on to the test driver. Limitation is that I haven't yet got arguments to be transcribed over. It does make creating test cases from running a sim much quicker though ;-) Make sure you save the sequence diagram first though, so that script can read the events on it.

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