Sunday 23 September 2018

Driving Quality using Executable MBSE: An IBM Rhapsody Enlightenment webinar recording

In August I did a webinar as part of the IBM Rational Rhapsody enlightenment series that covers the slightly more advanced topic of executable MBSE.

The following is IBM's link to the recording (you need to give them your email address but it plays straight away):

The webinar was mainly demo. It focuses on using executable MBSE to build test case sequence diagrams and plans from use cases using a method I'm calling called ROCKETs (Requirements Originating in the Context of Knowledge from Executing Transitions on Statecharts). It's a method that works really well with Rational DOORS.

This shows a prototype of my v3 SysMLHelper, an open source plug-in and profile that intends to make the job simple. It's a much more advanced topic than the first video but I've tried to make it fun and interesting. I start with a blank model and transition through the process of making an executable model from nothing, finishing with use of an Add On to Rhapsody called "Test Conductor" that enables suites of tests to be built and executed.

Of course, this is possible without automation only I wouldn't be able to do in in 20 mins! It would take me weeks to build the model and explain how to build it. The automation I show is something I've been working on and using for over 3 years now. There is over 10K of Java and some of my best ideas for making working with Executable Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and IBM Rhapsody Designer fun and relevant ;-)

Note: My next public training course is w/b 23rd Oct 2018 at HORIBA-MIRA (in concert with the Functional Safety Team).