Wednesday 11 October 2023

v4.2.p.Rhp831.PreRelease (11-OCT-2023)

Further refinement of usability, especially in the functional flow modeling with internal block diagrams and function blocks/usages with positioning of automatically created ports. 

Now available on github. Don't forget to rename top-level folder SysMLHelper without the version number before moving into Profiles folder. Also ensure that previous profile is not just renamed but removed from Share/Profiles completely (as Rhapsody will open first filename it finds rather than the explicit path to .sbsx).

Also some further model restructuring helpers related to progressively growing out a model, e.g., moving function blocks and subsystem blocks into their own correctly named and typed packages.

V4.2.p.Rhp831.PreRelease (11-OCT-2023):

0719 09-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Change colour of flow connector to same blue as flow ports to visually different it from other connector types (F.J.Chadburn)

0720 09-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Allow a flow connector to be drawn to a parallel gateway and offer to create flow port (F.J.Chadburn)

0721 09-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Give more info when adding flow connector as to which blocks port will be added (F.J.Chadburn)

0722 09-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: When drawing a flow connector get port to be correctly positioned where line was drawn (F.J.Chadburn)

0723 09-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Refinement of the Move To Separate Package functionality to add _UseCasePkg post fix & not create activity package/req (F.J.Chadburn)

0724 09-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Move To Separate Package functionality added to menu for function blocks (F.J.Chadburn) - It works with multi-select

0725 10-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Allow requirement packages to be children of system architecture packages and subsystem packages (F.J.Chadburn)

0726 10-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Move To Separate Package now support for subsystem blocks to speed up model structure creation (F.J.Chadburn)

0737 10-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Create Feature Function Package for use case now opens the feature bdd and puts related use case on it (F.J.Chadburn)

0738 10-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Enable the smart-routing feature for the ibds to make them easier to draw by reducing effort drawing connectors (F.J.Chadburn)

0739 10-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Added Create Requirement Package Structure option & tweak to name of peer Create Structure menu names (F.J.Chadburn)

0740 10-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Improve workflow with ability to create System Requirement stereotype when creating requirement packages (F.J.Chadburn)

0741 11-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Tweak of display options for internal block diagram - system so that name wrapping occurs on function usages (F.J.Chadburn)

0742 11-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Renamed function connector to subsystem/function connector and added icon and tooltip to make usage clearer (F.J.Chadburn)

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