Monday 29 November 2021

Pre-release V4.0.k, further enhancements to port across menus to new model structuring method

This release has further enhancements to port across menus from the old SysMLHelper structure to the new ExecutableMBSEProfile method for model construction, including the  rather important white box (design synthesis) modeling elements such as publish and subscribe flow port wizard, and menu for adding actor parts, automatically wired to internal parts.

This is the change log:
#376 09-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Add protection to cleanUpModelRemnants to cope better with unresolved Component (F.J.Chadburn)
#377 09-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Fixes checkIfSetupProjectIsNeeded so that project's version is shown where expected (F.J.Chadburn)
#378 09-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Get AutoConnectFlowPortsPanel to cope better when there are not other parts available to public to (F.J.Chadburn)
#379 09-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Refinement of stereotypes returned by BaseContext to use lazy loading to improve performance if called multiple times (F.J.Chadburn)
#380 09-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Added implementation of publish/subscribe flow port menus to OnMenuItemSelect for design synthesis purposes (F.J.Chadburn)
#381 09-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Get Add new block/part to package under development to work with new scenario package structure (F.J.Chadburn)
#382 09-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Get CreateNewActorPanel working with new scenario package structure (F.J.Chadburn)
#383 09-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Get CreateIncomingEventPanel to make use of buildUnableToRunDialog if no connector between block and actor (F.J.Chadburn)
#384 09-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Clean-up unused class called BlockSelectionInfo
#385 09-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Test and fix TestCaseCreator so that it works in new structure and can also pick out the value = arguments from sequences (F.J.Chadburn)
#386 10-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Add ShowPortsInterfaces = False to the so that IBDs look less scarey by default (F.J.Chadburn)
#387 10-NOV-2021: ExecutableMBSE: Make Add new actor to package under development menu available on 24 Funct Analysis - Test Package (F.J.Chadburn)

I chose not push this release to Github though, rather keep it for select customers I'm working with while it gets developed.

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