Thursday 20 June 2024

IBM Engineering Rhapsody Tip #108 - Creating models quickly, incl. package diagrams automatically

In some ways this is more of the same. However, this video has some of my very latest work for auto-creating package diagrams for model navigation with 4.3.e which has gone through a few iterations but is getting quite promising, considering that I used to think that package diagrams weren't that useful in SysML. 

The video shows how I create models quickly using a mosaic SysML package approach with an open-source profile I've created called the Executable MBSE Profile. The beginning point for a lot of projects is often a use case and requirements-driven approach but this 11 min video does show that the profile goes beyond that with functional and system architecture packages. This video ends with the auto-creation of package diagram - index for model navigation of the project that was created.

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