Friday 3 November 2023

v4.2.s.Rhp831.PreRelease (03-NOV-2023)

Reasonable cut of first allocation wizard functionality (not perfect but enough to be quite interesting). Also, some tweaks to requirement spec comparison with DOORS NG remote requirements specs to enable non-visible white space differences to be ignored. Plus a few incremental tweaks.

Now available on github. Don't forget to rename top-level folder SysMLHelper without the version number before moving into Profiles folder. Also ensure that previous profile is not just renamed but removed from Share/Profiles completely (as Rhapsody will open first filename it finds rather than the explicit path to .sbsx).

V4.2.s.Rhp831.PreRelease (03-NOV-2023):

0762 26-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Change default property for AutoGenerationOfPortsForLinksPolicy to Always to speed up usability/reduce pop-ups (F.J.Chadburn)

0763 26-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Fix crash putting a flow on a flow connector by allowing Flows to be owned by feature and function blocks and package (F.J.Chadburn)

0764 30-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Added property to enable requirement specification matching to ignore white space char diffs from non-breaking space chars (F.J.Chadburn)

0765 31-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Checkpoint of allocation wizard creating internal flow connectors in the allocated architecture (F.J.Chadburn)

0766 31-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Added NonVisibleWhiteSpaceCharsRegEx property to enable tweaking of requirement specification matching without needing s/w change (F.J.Chadburn)

0767 31-OCT-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Get IBD to be automatically created under Feature when you create a feature function package (F.J.Chadburn)

0768 03-NOV-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Checkpoint of allocation wizard creating external connectors and proxy ports in the allocated architecture (F.J.Chadburn)

0769 03-NOV-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Tweak Populate Parts so that if you select a particular usage element it only resizes if bigger size is needed, else keeps existing size (F.J.Chadburn)

0770 03-NOV-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Promoted Populate Parts menu up to flat level so user doesn't need to dig into MBSE Method: Other menu to find it (F.J.Chadburn)

0771 03-NOV-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Tweaked QuickNavigationCategories for classifiers such as Feature/System/Subsystem/Function Blocks to favour ibds/hyperlinks (F.J.Chadburn) 

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