Tuesday 1 August 2023

4.2.l.Rhp831.PreRelease (01-AUG-2023)

This is more like a patch to the 4.2.k release to refine some of the "Update surrogates..." and "Export to csv..." functionality based on wider testing. Now available on github. Don't forget to rename top-level folder SysMLHelper without the version number before moving into Profiles folder. Also ensure that previous profile is not just renamed but removed from Share/Profiles completely (as Rhapsody will open first filename it finds rather than the explicit path to .sbsx).

V4.2.l.Rhp831.PreRelease (01-AUG-2023):

0675 31-JUL-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Fix validity checker for create use case panel so that flow into existing does not check for unique reqts name (F.J.Chadburn)

0676 31-JUL-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Refine model check for requirement children so that it doesn't flag remote element links to surrogate reqts (F.J.Chadburn)

0677 01-AUG-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Shift the 'Annotations such as Rationale were found' info to outside requirements loop so it only appears once (F.J.Chadburn)

0678 01-AUG-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Add logic to CSV export to use the artifact name of the traced remote requirement without ID in the csv if one exists to avoid changing when updating (F.J.Chadburn)

0679 01-AUG-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Fix to the establish trace relation to matching specification using equals rather than matching check (F.J.Chadburn)

0680 01-AUG-2023: ExecutableMBSE: Improve clarity that just info is provided by the 'Update surrogates...' dialog when it detects matching requirements as separate menu is needed (F.J.Chadburn)

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