Thursday 1 December 2022

v4.2.b.PreRelease (10-NOV-2022)

This has some merging of the functional flow diagramming with the internal block diagram with structural usages of subsystems. The vision is to have a single diagram for both. It can be found on Github here (download zip, rename top level folder to SysMLHelper and drop into your Share/Profiles folder).

Focus of this release is to allow the internal block diagram - system to include functional flow control logic inside the subsystem boundary, so that modelers can use a single diagram to express both function and structure in the same diagram, if they wish.

V4.2.b.Rhp831.PreRelease (10-NOV-2022):

#594 10-NOV-2022: ExecutableMBSE: Fix 9.0.1 issue with DecisionUsage not working on ibd - func because it was not an aggregate of Function Block (F.J.Chadburn)

#595 10-NOV-2022: ExecutableMBSE: Allow functional flow modeling on ibd - system to widen expressive power to provide behavior & structure on a single diagram (F.J.Chadburn)

#596 10-NOV-2022: ExecutableMBSE: Allow function connectors to have a target which is a guarded flow output so both work on the combined ibd - system (F.J.Chadburn)

#597 10-NOV-2022: ExecutableMBSE: Improve toolbar order for the ibd - system diagram so that tools are better grouped for usability (F.J.Chadburn)

#598 10-NOV-2022: ExecutableMBSE: Checkpoint of a new function usage selection dialog (not quite working yet) (F.J.Chadburn)

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